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10 Ideas on How to Find that Perfect Gift

It’s Christmas time! This is one of my favorite times of the year.  But like most people, I often struggle to find that perfect gift.  Now that it is crunch time with not that many days until...

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Risks of Obesity

Here we are at the beginning of a New Year.  This is a common time where many of us reflect upon ourselves and decide that we need to make a change in our lives, commonly known as the New Year...

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My Weight Loss Journey

I have always been active throughout my life.  In high school, I played football, wrestled and ran track.  When I was 13, I bought my first barbell set and was bitten by the weight lifting bug.  I...

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The Benefits of Massage

I have always been a believer in massage.  As a physical therapist who has been practicing for almost 18 years, I often use massage to assist my patients in recovering from their injuries.  Most...

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Knee Pain

Whether due to a sprain or arthritis, there are several ways to combat the pain. Before you attempt to treat your pain at home, you should be cautious.  Seek medical attention for moderate to severe...

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