Myths and Misconceptions About Diet Plans

Myths and Misconceptions About Diet Plans

June 5, 2023

With so many fad diets and “experts” on weight loss and diet planning, how are you ever supposed to be successful in finding a way that works for you?  Most of us struggle with weight loss and regaining the weight when we stop dieting. Here, we will debunk some of the most common myths and misconceptions to finally win against the battle of the bulge.

Let’s start with a biggie!

Men lose weight faster than women…

    1. Men lose weight faster than women…

    This one is actually not so far off base.  Men naturally have more lean muscle mass.  This allows for a higher resting metabolic rate (5-10% higher).  Women naturally store more body fat than men.  As women age, they lose some of the lean muscle mass that aids in metabolism and generally gain weight as they get older.  With the addition of strength training as part of your normal workout routine, women can gain some of that much desired lean mass and assist with fat burning and increase their resting metabolic rate.

    1. Whatever weight I lose, I will just gain it back and then some…

    This is also not entirely untrue.  However, gaining the weight back has nothing to do with losing it.  It has everything to do with lifestyle, eating habits, bad food combinations, level of physical activity, and pancreatic function.  If you go back to doing and eating what you did before weight loss, it’s no surprise you will gain the weight back.  Bad eating habits can be avoided.  Don’t skip meals, don’t eat for emotional reasons, and limit how much alcohol you drink.

    1. I can’t ever have the foods I like…

    Wrong!  Weight gain does not come from an occasional diversion from healthy eating.  It’s not natural to deprive yourself from eating something you like.  The problem comes when we indulge all the time.  Yes, it is important to limit the amount of carbs, sugars, and fats that we ingest.  However, one big bowl of ice cream a week is not going to destroy your diet plans.  The issue is when you have a bowl of ice cream every night.  So don’t cut yourself off from all the foods you love.  This will only leave you feeling defeated and most likely lead to poor long term eating habits.


    1. I can’t snack between meals or I’ll gain weight…

Not true.  When you’re hungry, you should eat.  Just be smart about what you are eating.  Instead of grabbing chips or cookies, go for something healthier like fruit, nuts or cheese.  Snacking smarter will leave you satisfied without feeling hungry again minutes later.  Higher protein foods will fill you up without having to eat the volume you eat of junk food in order to reach the same level of satisfaction.

  1. All carbs are bad…

While carbs are banned in all the fad low-carb diets, it is possible to have a successful diet plan that does not eliminate them completely.  After all, carbs do provide fuel for our bodies, especially during strenuous activities like exercise.  As with everything else, there are healthier options when choosing carbs.  Avoid processed carbs high in sugar and white flour.  Instead, choose beans or whole grains like brown rice or whole grain breads, and like before, try fruits or vegetables.

  1. I can’t eat after 7 or 8pm…

You guessed it, not true.  This doesn’t mean snack all night.  Instead try eating supper an hour later.  This will help prevent the urge to snack before bed that can cause us to eat out of boredom and lead to the much dreaded weight gain.  Also, when you eat earlier, you may wake up and not feel hungry.  Skipping a breakfast can lead to overeating throughout the rest of the day.


  1. Drinking a lot of water will help me lose weight…

While drinking ice cold water can help boost your resting metabolism (around 50 calories/day), drinking a lot of water is not going to make you see a rapid loss in weight.  Instead, as part of your diet plan, cut out the sugary drinks that are adding unnecessary calories.  By eliminating pop and sugary juices, you will naturally see a slight decrease in your weight.

To make a long story short, you have to be smart about what you put in your body.  Make a diet plan that consists of better foods.  Limit your processed food or drink intake.  You don’t need to starve yourself or workout all day in order to lose or maintain weight.  Know what makes up the foods that you are eating.  While healthier foods may prevent you from gaining weight, some of the foods you eat may be preventing you from losing weight.

These are just some of the tips we have found for helping with weight loss and diet planning needs. At Flex Physical Therapy we have many options to help you lose weight and keep it off.  Join us for  our next Free Ideal Protein Weight Loss Workshop or call us at (712) 256-1800 to schedule your free weight loss consultation. 

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