What Is Massage Therapy?

What Is Massage Therapy?

June 5, 2023

Massage therapy is when a licensed massage therapist uses manual manipulations to relax, loosen knots in the muscle, ease pain and stretch tightened tissue.  Such manipulations include kneading, pressing, light and deep pressure depending on the condition or result you are looking for.  Massage therapy is no longer just for spas, due to its various benefits, it is now available in many health care facilities.


Massage therapy helps with both mental and physical issues.  Physically, the massage increases the healing process, relaxes the muscular tissue, and increases the blood circulation.  Massage is very effective with: whiplash, sciatica, headache, arthritis, muscle spasms, sports injuries, and most soft tissue and nerve problems.  Mentally, massage helps reduce tension, gives a sense of relaxation, calms the mind and allows the body to begin the healing process.


There are many types of massage therapy that you can choose from which will help treat your ailments. Some of the popular techniques are Swedish massage and deep tissue.

Swedish is a full body massage to relax the muscles and joints. It consists of light pressure using techniques known as effleurage, petrissage, friction and vibration.

Deep tissue is similar to Swedish massage but you use increased pressure to release muscle tension. While working deeper you’re focusing on the inner most layers such as tendons, fascia, and muscle tissue. 

What you can do at home

Once you schedule your massage make sure you are drinking plenty of water before and after. The reason behind this is when you get massaged the therapist is releasing toxins that need to be flushed from the body. The therapist can tell when a client is dehydrated by how their skin rolls and feels during the massage. When staying hydrated with the massage we are able to help flush the toxins out and keep the body healthy.

At Flex Physical Therapy, Mandy is our highly qualified licensed massage therapist and she specializes in the types of massage designed to help you heal, relax, and live a life with less pain. If you or some you know is suffering from pain, injury or weakness schedule an appointment at our clinic nearest you.  We would love to help get you feeling better.

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