Relief for Seasonal Allergies

Relief for Seasonal Allergies

June 5, 2023

Alternative Relief for Seasonal Allergies

Are you someone who loves to be outdoors and be active?  Especially when the spring weather is starting and the flowers are in bloom? 

Unfortunately,the pollen count is high and you can’t breathe due to congestion from seasonal allergies.  A lot of people will go straight for medications from the drugstore to help relieve the pressure.

In the spring, I have many of my clients come in for a massage and I can tell that they’re suffering from congestion and sinus pressure due to seasonal allergies.  Before the season begins, I start to let them know that they do not have to suffer.  They can use massage as an alternative way to help relieve the discomfort instead of using medication.


How Massage Can Help

How Massage Can Help

When using massage for seasonal allergies, I use trigger point release on the face and reflexology on the feet to help open the sinus cavities.  I also incorporate cold stone once I’m finished with the points in the face.  To help with the pressure and to give the best relief to the client, I normally recommend a 60 minute session.  If the client is comfortable with aromatherapy, I will apply certain oils on specific points.

For a typical treatment for a client with seasonal allergies, I would have them come in and lay down on their back.  The first treatment that I use is the trigger point release.  I make sure to hit the sinus pressure points on the face. 

After that, I incorporate some massage on the neck to relieve any stiffness that has been caused by coughing.  Next, I apply cold stones to certain points on the face and next to decrease the inflammation.  Finally, I place a cold rag over the eyes and forehead.  This also helps decrease inflammation, but also helps to soothe and relax the sinuses.

Don’t let seasonal allergies cause you discomfort during the changing of the seasons.  To learn more about our massage services, go to

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