One Simple Trick to Relieve Knee Pain

One Simple Trick to Relieve Knee Pain

June 4, 2023

An easy and non-invasive way to solve pain management issues

Knee pain is a quite common ailment, and many people struggle with varying degrees of knee pain every day. There are a wide variety of remedies and rehabilitation programs that can help reduce knee pain and swelling, and ultimately increase your mobility, flexibility, and ability to engage in a high level of activity.

To begin on the road of recovery, you need to make sure that you understand the symptoms of your knee pain (i.e., swelling, stiffness, or tension) and receive the correct diagnoses from a medical practitioner.

Read on to discover one of the most successful tricks in relieving knee pain – A trick that’s is currently gaining widespread popularity and attention.


Use foam rollers!

A foam roller is essentially a piece of foam that is designed into a cylindrical shape (think of a rolling pin, like the ones you would use in the kitchen). Foam rollers are increasingly becoming a staple in knee therapy and rehabilitation; they have gained widespread popularity and attention because they are quick and easy to use. You can now find foam rollers in the majority of physical therapy clinics, almost in all professional gyms, and even in the private homes of runners, athletes, and people experiencing muscle pain.

The great thing about foam rollers is that not only are they beneficial for knee pain, but they are also a good option if you are experiencing any tightness or tension from training, sports, or activities and need to have a quick massage.


How does it work?

Foam rolling (aka myofascial release) is used for massage purposes; by applying pressure, they loosen your fascia and free up trigger points. This technique will result in a decrease in muscle tension and joint pain and improve circulation, balance, and mobility.

When you start using a foam roller, the technique can be quite painful at first. To prevent issues, make sure you begin with a light session and gradually ease your body into it as you get accustomed to the rhythm and pace of the activity. The pressure from the roller is beneficial for releasing knots of tension, but it is essential to take it easy. Don’t push yourself and take it slowly, if needed. In all cases, listen to your body to ensure that you don’t exacerbate your injury or cause new ones.

The reason why foam rollers are so popular is that they are cost-effective (in comparison to regular massages or physical therapy visits), practical and easy to use.  Most people seem to be enthusiastic about foam rollers, often reporting a marked difference within a week)

How to use foam rollers the right way

Many people use foam rollers to help reduce muscle tension and pain in areas such as hamstrings, quadriceps, and adductors, to name but a few. By releasing these areas of the body, you can help improve and target any knee pain/issues you may be experiencing.

Before you begin using foam rollers, make sure that you check with a physical therapist, most experts will have a set of recommended activities that you can do with your foam roller.  The therapist can give you proper guidelines on the correct way to use them, and a custom set of exercises to target your specific issues.

Here are a few simple exercises focused on the quadriceps and hamstrings that many athletes find beneficial for their muscle pain!

– Using a foam roller to work on any tightness in your quadriceps is an excellent option because it is simple, safe, and efficient. By using your foam roller for a few minutes daily to decrease tension, you can improve your flexibility and ultimately your mobility, stability, and athletic performance.

– Lay on top of your foam roller (with the roller placed under your quads).

Place all the weight on your forearms and start to slowly push yourself back so that the roller will make its way up to your hip area.  Take it very slowly, about an inch per second, focusing on the areas that feel tight, when you are near your hip start rolling them back down.

– Tight hamstrings are a common problem for runners, regular sports players, and even workers who sit for extended periods of time. Tight hamstrings usually lead to a decrease in flexibility and stiffness. By utilizing a foam roller, you can relax the hamstring muscle tension. Place the foam roller underneath your thighs while sitting down on the floor. Put your hands behind you, keeping your palms steady on the floor, and push up so that the foam can support all of your body weight.

Roll back and forth slowly until you get to a sore area (trigger point).

Keep the roller there for 30 seconds to release the tension.

The benefits of foam rollers


Foam rollers have skyrocketed regarding popularity because they are a perfect option for anyone struggling with knee pain and who is also on a budget.

Rehabilitation and therapy can be a considerable expense; there are multiple visits to your medical practitioner (physical therapist, chiropractor, doctor, etc.), on top of the x-ray and MRI’s you may need to diagnose the problem properly. Getting the correct diagnoses from a medical practitioner is essential to begin to treat your knee pain correctly. However, for those that may not be able to afford continuing treatment, a foam roller can be the answer.

Where to purchase foam rollers.

Most fitness centers or sporting stores should stock foam rollers, but you can also find a large variety online. On online platforms such as Amazon, you can find standard foam rollers for as cheap as $40.

Visit your local physical therapist to enquire about foam rollers, and discover whether they could be a viable option to reduce any knee pain you may be experiencing in your life.

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