How These Nutrients Changed My Life – Milk Thistle

How These Nutrients Changed My Life – Milk Thistle

June 4, 2023

Today we are going to talk about another super powerful ingredient in JNC named Milk Thistle. Milk thistle is actually a very powerful anti-inflammatory but many people don’t know what it can do. Before we get to that, the other day I was driving to work and saw something out of the corner of my eye that really caught my attention. There were two turkeys in the field and they looked like they were facing off with each other. It was so interesting to me that I had to turn around and take a closer look. I stopped the car and walked up to get a little closer to these amazing birds. As I watched them, I was in awe over how awesome these animals truly are. One of the tom turkeys spread his tail feathers out. I walked towards the other one and couldn’t help but appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature at its best.



I tell you what, I could have stayed there all day watching and admiring nature. But unfortunately, I had to get to work. As I drove to the office, I couldn’t help thinking how important it is for us to slow down, stop, and appreciate the world around us. This is something I have recently been working really hard to improve. I think there’s a lot to be said for slowing your life down; Even your mind. Too often, we’re in a hurry to get somewhere that we fail to see and appreciate the world around us. We’re rushing here, we’re rushing there, we’ve got this ball game to go to, we’ve got this event to go to.

Everybody is Always in a Hurry

When our minds are racing a hundred miles an hour with all kinds of thoughts, we don’t have the time to really think and process all of those thoughts. They start to cloud things up and we end up losing our creativity. Some of the ways I found that really helped me to slow down, gather my thoughts, and be open to the world around me is through prayer and meditation. Your spiritual health is directly linked to your mental, emotional, and physical health. These are all part of who you are and keeping all of those areas in balance is the key to finding true inner peace and health.

Take the time today. Just stop. Slow down. Say a quick prayer. Meditate. Or just sit quietly with your thoughts. You will reap the benefits of starting to slow your life down. Just like slowing down to appreciate life and smell the roses can have a profound effect on how you feel… Getting the right nutrients for your body can have a profound effect on the healing of your joints.



In our last session, I shared my personal experience with my knee problems; Including arthritis and the injuries I suffered. In addition to knee problems, I’ve also suffered from lower back pain for many years now. Here’s kind of what’s happened to me over the years. I used to be a competitive power lifter and that’s how I hurt my knee. Well, guess what that’s done to my back. All of the heavy deadlifting and heavy squatting took its toll on my spine and discs.

I still remember one time when I was in college down at the University of Lincoln Nebraska, I used to work for a lumber yard on the south part of Lincoln. I was young and thought I could lift the world. Customers would come in and we would load up deck packages for them.

There was this guy who came in and I’m trying to see how many boards I can pick up. I was picking up three-four big 4×4 boards, throwing them older my shoulder, and loading them in the back of his truck. This guy told me, “You really should stop doing that.” I looked at him like, “Yeah right, buddy. I’m going to just keep lifting and moving these boards around to see how man I can lift.” He said, “No, really you should stop. You should really take that slow. I should know, I’m an orthopedic surgeon.”

I didn’t listen to him. At this time, I was going to be a physical therapist but I hadn’t gone through school yet. I was in my early education stage, so I didn’t really listen to them. I should have listened to him because he was right. All of the years of heavy lifting really took its toll.

So Much Pain

 It got to the point where I couldn’t sleep through the night. I was waking up two, three times a night. Get up in the morning, bending over to tie my shoes, and it was just so painful. I had multiple back strains and injuries during my lifting career. Over the course of the last 10 or 15 years, the pain has gotten worse. It got to the point where I couldn’t sleep on my stomach because I could feel my back curving in and feeling compressed. I would have to lay on my side, pull my knees up, and get into the fetal position just to stretch my back out. It would hurt so much.

Just like with my knee, I started living on anti-inflammatories; Aleve and Ibuprofen were my best friends. I was needing those just to get up, walk around, and move. The part that got me was when I was working a football game and standing on the sideline. All of a sudden, I started noticing this tingling in my right thigh. Before halftime hit, I couldn’t even feel my right thigh. It was completely numb and I had to sit down.

That really got my attention because I knew I had some nerve root compression and disc issues. I knew I had some real problems going on. I tried to stretch, do a lot of the things we all do, and what I instruct my patients in doing. It just did not get me all the way better. It continued to nag at me, limited my sleep and how far I could walk, run, or jog. I had trouble doing that too, just like I did from my knee injuries.

Joint Nutra Care

When I started taking Joint Nutra Care, not only did my knee get better, but my back got better too. I noticed I had less pain, started sleeping through the night, and I didn’t have the tightness I was experiencing before. Standing was no longer a task that caused excruciating pain. When I worked football games I could stand for three hours and no long have pain. My feet get tired and I might feel a little stiff in my back, but it doesn’t hurt like it used to. This stuff really, really helped.

Physical Therapist Conference Improvements

When I went to the physical therapist conference back in 2016 after I had been taking Joint Nutra Care for a while, I should have had back and knee pain. It was how to integrate Martial Arts and Yoga in your practice. But after the second day I didn’t. I had been taking the Joint Nutra Care for a couple of months and wondered if that had something to do with it. I hadn’t changed anything else. When I got home, I stopped taking Joint Nutra Care and my pain came back. I knew then that it was helping and decreasing the inflammation. It was giving me my mobility back; Made it easier for me to the exercises and those things to keep my spine flexible and free.

I believe in this supplement; I know there are nutrients out there that can replace the non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) and pain pills. We just have to get the right information out there. That’s my passion and why I’m doing these videos. I want to educate you. Teach you how to take care of yourself and the things you can take and include in your diet that will accelerate your healing and replace some those medications.

Last time I covered Pomegranate Seed Extract. In case you missed that session, I highly recommend you go back and check it out. You won’t regret it. Learning about Pomegranate Seed Extract can do for you is eye-opening. You can find the Facebook Video here.

Milk Thistle – The Fourth Ingredient

The fourth nutrient in the Joint Nutra Care Two formula is called Milk Thistle.

Milk thistle is actually a silymarin but we will just call it milk thistle. It has been used to treat liver issues in the past but it is a powerful anti-inflammatory as well. It has been shown in studies to work better than the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories Piroxicam and Meloxicam. (Meloxicam is better known as Mobic). In these studies, the silymarin (milk thistle) reduced inflammation by more than 50% in patients with arthritis. Can you believe that?! This stuff reduced inflammation more than 50! To me, that’s amazing. When your inflammation levels decrease, guess what happens to your pain levels? They’re going to improve. Reduced inflammation also improves all aspects of your health: Reduced risk of heart attack and stroke. Reduced risk of cancer. Even improve your rate of weight loss.

Inflammation causes all kinds of problems in the body. There is evidence and proof that you can eliminate inflammation and pain naturally with key nutrients. Chronic inflammation often causes back and hip pain. So, if you’re having problems with back or hip pain and just tired of putting up with it… Check out our…

Back Pain Breakthrough Session

You really must check out our Back Pain Breakthrough Session. In this session, you will be able to find out what the root cause of your problem is. You’ll be able to get treatment and feel better immediately. All you have to do is click HERE and know you’re going to take that first step in taking your life back. Don’t waste any more time with your back or hip pain. Just check out our Back Pain Breakthrough Session.

I’m going to leave you with a quote in the words of Rick Warren.

“Time is your most precious gift because you only have a set amount of it.”

Think about that one.

Until next time. Power Your Life and keep moving forward.

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