Seek Treatment Now While Your Health Insurance Deductible is Met

Seek Treatment Now While Your Health Insurance Deductible is Met

June 6, 2023

Why now is the time to get treatment before the beginning of the year!

1. Most Insurance Deductibles are Usually Met by Now:

Many patients do not plan ahead in regards to their health insurance deductibles.  Most of us have met our deductibles or our max out of pocket expense, making it a very good time of the year to have things taken care of.  So, whether it’s a nagging injury or another medical problem, act now before the end of the year to save yourself some money.

2. The Sooner You Seek Treatment, the Quicker You Get Better:

Most physical ailments, although small initially, can quickly lead to more serious problems.  The human body is an amazing machine as everything works together and a small problem in one area can lead to compensations and another issue later on.  I often find that the sooner my patients address things, the quicker they resolve.   When you are having a problem with your knee that causes you to walk with a limp, increased stress is placed on your hip and lower back resulting in increased pain in those areas.  If you wait too long, this problem will become worse and will take longer to get better.

3. You Do Not Need to See a Doctor to Get Treatment:

Iowa is a direct access state for physical therapy services.  This means that you can seek treatment for your current ailment without seeing your doctor first.  Many health insurances do not require a physician’s prescription.   Our physical therapists are experts in treating musculoskeletal conditions and can refer you on to the appropriate doctor if needed.  They will also communicate all findings and treatment to your doctor as well.

Avoid the end of the Year Holiday Season Rush:

The upcoming holiday season is often a busy time for everyone between school, work, sports, family gatherings, and shopping.  This can make scheduling appointments more difficult for patients.  We also experience a large rush of patients, who have met their health insurance deductibles, the last few months of the year.  We have a very accommodating schedule for patients who are working, in school, or participating in sports, but the Holiday season makes things a little more complicated so getting in ahead of everyone else will give you more options.

Our revolutionary treatment programs are helping patients get better faster even if they have tried physical therapy, acupuncture, steroids, or chiropractors before!

Some of our programs include:

  1. Revolutionary 830 cold laser
  2. Pain Relief for Neck and Back Pain
  3. Sports Injury Program

Our treatments focus on the root cause of the pain/problem and does NOT wear off like most medicines, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, heat or ice.  It focuses on the body’s own healing power and accelerates that process leading to long lasting relief.  Patient’s love it!

Act Now and Start Feeling Better Today!

Our treatments successfully relieve most muscle, joint, tendon, and nerve pain associated with Arthritis, Back Pain, Bursitis/Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Heel Spur/Plantar Fasciitis, Migraines, Osteoarthritis, TMJ and more.  It’s even safe on children!

We offer same day appointments for those who are post surgical or medically urgent.  We offer discounts or payment plans for those who have high health insurance deductible plans, no insurance or have a financial hardship.

As a reminder, all patients do not need a referral to go to physical therapy.  Call now to make an appointment, and we’ll send all the necessary communications to your doctor.

Call 1-800-930-8803 for more information or to schedule an appointment!

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