What You Must Know About Headaches

What You Must Know About Headaches

June 6, 2023

Most of us will suffer from a headache at one time or another.  In order to get rid of your headache, there are several things you should know.  Headaches are a common problem in our country.  90% of Americans suffer from occasional headaches.   Headaches can be a very debilitating problem as they often affect your ability to work, think, and play.  The first step in treating your headache is to know what type of headache you have.  There are several different types of headaches and each has a different form of treatment.

Some of the different headaches include rebound headaches, sinus headaches, migraines, and tension headaches.  Rebound headaches can happen every day and reoccur as soon as the medication wears off and is caused by not taking medication as prescribed.  Sinus headaches are characterized by pressure in your checkbones, eye, and nose and are caused by allergies or an infection.  Migraine headaches can be triggered by many things and often include sensitivity to light and nausea.

Tension headaches are also known as cervicogenic headaches are headaches that come from your neck.  These are the most common type of headaches.  These headaches often start in the top of your neck and the associated muscles.  The Signs that your headaches are coming from your neck include:

  • The pain is on one side more than the other with or without a feeling of pain in the back of the head.
  • Your neck and head have tender spots when you press on them especially at the base of the head.
  • Your pain is worse with prolonged sitting activities such as working at the computer, driving, reading or other activities.
  • You have a history of neck problems.
  • You have poor posture.

Headache Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Headaches may be a sign of a serious problem.  If you are suffering from any of these signs you should seek immediate medical attention to rule our more sinister problems:

  • Headaches that are getting worse over time.
  • A severe headache that comes on suddenly.
  • A headache associated with a head injury or accident.
  • Headaches with a high fever, difficulty turning you head, or a rash.
  • A headache associated with dizziness or changes in vision.

If you think your headaches may be coming from your neck, a physical therapist that specializes in manual therapy such as myofascial release can help determine whether the pain is actually coming from your neck.  At Flex Physical Therapy, our therapists specialize in the use of myofascial release and other hands on techniques to quickly alleviate your headaches.  In addition to the hands on treatment, they will also look at your posture, neck motion, neck strength, and flexibility of your neck muscles.  One of our main goals at Flex is to teach our patients how to address the issue so it will go away forever.  In addition to these treatments, Flex Physical Therapy also uses the 830Laser which is a revolutionary treatment using a cold laser to decrease pain, decrease inflammation, and increase tissue healing.  This treatment doesn’t wear off like heat, ice, or medications.  If you or someone you care about suffers from headaches and is looking for fast acting, lasting pain relief, call us to talk to one of our physical therapists who specialize in neck pain and headaches. Call today, 1-800-930-8803.

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