Can These Nutrients Replace Your Pain Pills? Part 4 – Olive Leaf Extract

Can These Nutrients Replace Your Pain Pills? Part 4 – Olive Leaf Extract

June 4, 2023

Hey everybody, Mike Uhrlaub here and I’m coming at you from the Flex Compound with another episode of Power Your Life. I am so excited to be back here with you guys again and share with you the amazing nutrient Olive Leaf Extract

Two days ago it was my daughter, Kaia’s 16th birthday. If any of you see her just say “Hey, Kaia, happy birthday.” It is so hard to believe she is 16-years-old. First of all, I can’t believe I’m getting that old. But the fact she 16 just boggles my mind because it seems like just yesterday my wife and I were bringing her home from the hospital. Now she’s learning to drive! Kids just grow up so fast and time seems to fly by. This has truly been an amazing journey so far. Kaia has been such a blessing to my wife and I. Every single day we learn something new from her. She is constantly challenging us and teaching us about what truly matters in life. It’s been an honor to raise her and watch her grow up into a responsible, caring, and loving young lady.

My Beautiful Kaia

What I want you to know is life did not start out easy for Kaia because she was born three months premature. She spent three months in the NICU over at children’s hospital. She really has had so many challenges and hurdles to overcome in the last 16 years, but she has shown this amazing perseverance and determination. She has such a strong spirit. This has helped her so many times over the years. One of the things I’ve seen from her over the last 16 years is she never quits no matter what. She just keeps working at things until she succeeds.

This has been an inspiration to me. It has made me realize the importance of perseverance and determination in your life. I know you might be facing what you think is an insurmountable obstacle or a challenge that just seems too big to overcome. At times your efforts might seem like they’re not even making a difference, but I believe you will never fail at life as long as you keep working at it. As long as you stay determined and persevere; You might stumble, you might fall, but you pick yourself back up, dust yourself off and Keep Moving Forward. For me, that is the key to things and what keeps us moving.


If you fall stay down refusing to get up… That’s when you fail. As long as you can get yourself back up and dust yourself off, you have not failed. None of us may be successful at everything we do or try, but life is a marathon. A journey. It’s the cumulation of our efforts and purposeful action that will make the difference in our lives.

She Taught Me…

I’ve learned so many things from Kaia, but like I said, the one thing that stands out to me more than anything is never ever quit. It’s your persistence and resolve in the actions of your life that will make the difference over time. I just can’t wait to see more of what I’m going to learn from her in the next 16 years.

Let’s talk about the next ingredient in Joint Nutra Care.

Olive Leaf Extract

Olive leaf extract is called hydroxytyrosol but I’m not going to call it that because I’m will just butcher the name. For the purpose of this talk today we’re just going to call it olive leaf extract.

This stuff is found in extra-virgin olive oil. It needs to be processed so I don’t want you guys going out there and guzzling a whole bunch of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

It is a very powerful antioxidant and actually believed to be one of the reasons for the health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet.

What Does It Do?

Olive leaf extract helps your joints by protecting the cartilage cells known as chondrocytes. They protect them from this oxidative stress and stimulate the chondrocytes to really be able to do their job. They stimulate the cartilage cells to help grow, develop, and stay healthy.

There was a study recently in Phytomedicine Journal that states olive leaf extract shows the ability to significantly reduce joint pain in those with osteoarthritis. This is really an amazing study because it was a double-blind placebo-controlled trial. That’s really important because it’s a good, solid research study to be able to carry out.

In this study, they took 25 individuals with osteoarthritis and gave them either 50 milligrams of olive leaf extract or a placebo once a day for four weeks. Significant pain reduction was observed in the group receiving the olive leaf extract after just two weeks!

Olive leaf extract was also shown in the research to lower inflammation biomarkers. The article concluded olive leave extract is an effective treatment to reduce pain from osteoarthritis. That’s just amazing!

It’s so amazing to me because this is a natural alternative to the harmful nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories or NSAIDs. It is also a natural alternative to pain pills. All of which have negative side effects.

Olive leaf extract is all natural and has no side effects. That’s huge! In fact, there was another recent report from the FDA who strengthened their warning that NSAIDs, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, can cause heart attacks or strokes.

You Thought They Were Safe!!!

The pills you once thought was safe. The ones you take all the time; The ones your kids are taking… The pills in the medicine cabinet or the ones you see ads for all of the time such as Aleve and Naproxen… These things can kill you. The FDA is warning us of this! They first described this warning as far back as 2005, but have now strengthened that warning. They have also increased the posting on the labels. But who reads the labels, right?

I’m serious! You open them up and the print is like you need a magnifying glass. I got to pull my phone out and blow it up to even read it. That’s with my reading glasses! No one’s talking about this. Nobody’s getting the word out. But the FDA maintains the risk of taking NSAIDs can occur within as early as a few weeks of taking it. The risk increases with longer use. The risk is also greater with higher doses. All NSAIDs… All nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories have similar risk. The NSAIDs can increase the risk in everybody. Even those without heart disease, risk factors for heart disease, or cardiovascular disease, and those who are healthy.

Consider This…

You want you to consider this the next time you reach for that bottle of ibuprofen or Naproxen. This stuff is dangerous. We already knew NSAIDs can cause ulcers and gastrointestinal bleeding. But now we know there are significant cardiovascular risks. The risk of heart attack and stroke… And it’s not just for those who already have high risk factors.  It’s not just people who have high cholesterol, are overweight, have all of the other high blood pressure, or the other risk factors. This is a risk factor in this can cause problems and create a heart attack or stroke in a previous healthy individual! Somebody who has no history of any of that. That is huge.

Not only are the NSAIDs dangerous, but they don’t fix anything! They don’t fix your joints. They don’t do anything but lower the inflammation and make you feel better. Here’s the thing… They wear off and you have to continue to take them. They don’t control the inflammation. They just shut it down and when it wears off, the inflammation comes back. Your knee, your back, your neck, your shoulder or whatever you’re taking them for, hurt again. So, you reach for another one, and you take another one, and you take another one. It becomes this hamster wheel. A never-ending cycle you can’t seem to get off of.

Drug Companies & the Medical System

Do you think the drug companies really care whether or not you have a heart attack or stroke? No they don’t! You know why? Because, guess what? Now they’re going to sell you another pill for that too! This is a never-ending hamster wheel. This is part of where our medical system is broken.

Things like NSAIDs just control the inflammation. They don’t show any ability to really heal the body. While there’s these natural ingredients, like Joint Nutra Care that has the Olive Leaf extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Natural Eggshell Membrane, and Collogen Type Two ingredients. All of these things have been shown to be natural and have no side effects. They have also been shown to not just lower the pain, but to stimulate the growth and development of cartilage. Actually help your joints be able to heal themselves. They help those cartilage cells be able to stay healthy and grow.

What This Means to You?

Without sounding like a big infomercial… What this means to you is that Joint Nutra Care is a healthy alternative to the harmful NSAIDs. They can replace your pain pills. They are proven in the research and in practice. I know personally because I’ve taken these things for five years. I’m able to run over two and a half miles, three times a week, without any joint pain. Previously I could not do that. How awesome is that?

Next week, I’m going to wrap up this series and we’re going to talk about the final ingredient in Joint Nutra Care. For most people, a joint supplement, like Joint Nutra Care, is just the beginning of what they need to get moving again. That is why we’ve created what we call our Back Pain Breakthrough Exam. In this session, you can find out what the root cause of your problem is. You can get treatment and feel better immediately. All you have too really do is easy. Just click HERE, that’s it. You can find out more and claim your session.

Today, I want to leave you with one of my favorite verses from the good book. What it says is, “Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from him.” Psalm 127:3.

Until next time. Power Your Life and keep moving forward.

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