Why Can't You Pick Me Up, Mommy?

Joa​n's Story

I have treated many patients in my 20 year career.  I still remember one patient, Joan, who came to me with back pain that was keeping her up all night.  She was exhausted, in pain and at the end of her rope.  I know that many of you know what that feels like.  Sleep deprivation will wear you down like nothing else.  When you can’t sleep, you can’t heal.  I still remember the look on her face.  She had just had it.  Joan had suffered from back pain for 2 years since the birth of her son.  She told me that the reason she was in my office was her 2 year old, Chris, came to her crying after he fell and cut his knee.  She bent down to pick him up and the pain was sharp and felt like a knife ripping through her back

Why can’t you pick me up, Mommy?”  Chris had asked her.  Joan was in tears as she told me her story.  Her back pain was so bad that she could not comfort her son in his time of need. She was tired all the time, hurting, frustrated, anxious, and fearful from not being able to do the simple and necessary things in life that brought her joy.  Being a parent, I could relate to Joan. It just broke my heart to think of not being able to pick up my kids when they needed me the most.  I wanted desperately to help Joan.

I showed Joan the Amazing Hip Releaser stretch.  This series of three stretches forever changed Joan’s life.  After working on these stretches for 6 sessions, Joan was able to bend over and pick up her son.  Joan’s world had opened back up and she was now able to enjoy taking care of her family with out the back pain she had been experiencing. 

What I have found is this problem requires relieving the pressure off the spine/nerves, activating the central stabilizers, improving the flexibility in the hips and alleviating the tightness/spasms of the low back and hip flexors.  This is important to get your spine to heal. 

I want to share this with you because I want to help as many people as I can.  I want you to know that there is hope and a way to get back to living the life you want.

"They took away my pain, Hallelujah! I am so happy because now I have hope! "


Watch the Amazing Hip Releaser Stretch below!

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